Ever had this problem in Software Development?

software development videoHave you ever felt that the business side of software development just doesn’t understand what’s involved?  Watch the short video I created (just click on the “photo” above) and let me know if this is anything like what you’ve ever experienced.

It’s no wonder that so many projects end up over budget, behind schedule and delivering a product that just doesn’t fit.  One solution is scope management.  Call or email me today for a free white paper about Scope Management (dekkers@qualityplustech.com).

I know the video is tongue-in-cheek but I’d like to hear your comments!

Have a good day,

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  1. Carol,
    You showed a good example of two people who speak the same language but are not effectively communicating. The lady wants to produce a software product on a fixed figure budget. The man does not query effectively as to what she wants in capabilities, function of the software. Each is assuming the other understands what they are saying. The fallacy in the communication is just that. They speak the same language but have different meanings. She should sit down with the software project manager and define the upper design requirements, schedule a follow up meeting to refine those requirements, and then have someone fluent in software working for her to keep track of the development.

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