Software and Systems Technology Conference

Last week I attended the Software and Systems Technology Conference (SSTC) in Salt Lake City, UT where close to 1000 attendees representing the Department of Defense and related industries and IT contractors  presented leading edge presentations over 4 days.

It was a pleasure to present the basics of scope management to interested attendees from a variety of agencies and private organizations – several of whom commented after the presentation that the concepts were solid and definitely what the software intensive systems world is lacking.  Scope management based on northernSCOPE(TM) is different from the traditional software project/program development in that instead of firm fixed price before requirements (where both the acquisition group and the supplier lose) – it is based on unit pricing by subproject.

Customers win with scope management because they are always in control of their investment and the functionality delivered by the supplier. Suppliers also win with scope management because they are paid for all the work that they perform on behalf of the customer/acquisition group.  The two sides are facilitatebd to work together by a Certified Scope Manager (CSM) who is specifically trained to be competent in software measurement, business analysis, project management, progress reporting, change management, communication, and software and systems development.

For information on upcoming scope management workshops leading up to the CSM examination (administered through an agreement with the European Certificates Association),  please visit

The next CSM training week is scheduled for August 10-14, 2009 in Tampa, FL, USA.

Have a great week!

Carol Dekkers

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