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Certified Scope Management (CSM) training in Tampa -- April 26-30, 2010

I’ve spent a fair amount of time alluding to the benefits of scope management in the “practice” of software development. In addition, you may have been part of one of my webinars on Scope Management held over the past year.  (To listen to the Data and Analysis Center for Software (DACS) webinar on scope management (72 minutes) access it here).

Now finally, Certified Scope Management (CSM) training is coming to Tampa! (April 26-30, 2010).  Registration details can be found at www.qualityplustech.com.

Scope management consists of key concepts that directly address six of the top ten most prevalent reasons for software development project failure as cited by the Standish Group (www.standishgroup.com) in their annual CHAOS reports:

  1. Misunderstanding requirements
  2. Not managing change properly
  3. Failure to gain user commitment
  4. Failure to manage end user expectations
  5. Unclear/misunderstood scope/objectives
  6. Changing scope/objectives

Certified Scope Management (CSM) training is based on the concepts of northernSCOPE(TM) from the Finnish Software Measurement Association.  The northernSCOPE brochure can be downloaded here.

There are twelve steps involved in formal scope management and I’ve written a number of recent articles on the subject.   Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. scope management workshops are based on northernSCOPE(TM) concepts trademarked by the Finnish Software Measurement Association (www.fisma.fi) and formulated by the European Certificates Association in their Certified Scope Manager (CSM) designation.  If you are looking to improve your own effectiveness in software development, consider attending.  Click on this link to access the CSM_training_brochure.

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For more information on northernSCOPE(TM) visit www.fisma.fi (in English pages) and for upcoming training in Tampa, Florida  — April 26-30, 2010, visit www.qualityplustech.com.

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