(Mis)Perceptions about Software Estimation - Opportunities or Crisis?

Dr Dobb’s online published my article on this topic this week… and quickly comments started pouring in.  Some asked why I would publish an article with observations without solutions while others implied that this is really a customer problem or a human communications problem (I agree with the latter) –  What do YOU think?

Read it, and PLEASE give me your feedback.  Do you agree, disagree, don’t care?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Dr Dobbs



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  1. Excellent article about the problems getting good estimates. It also relates to the whole cycle of budget and project planning too. Biggest problem is to get enough management buy in to do the history and research needed for real estimates and then selling them to the customer for a realistic price and delivery timeline. Do you have any suggestions for project history tracking and estimating software? Something open source or not too expensive to use?

  2. In my experience, estimations were made to make the organization look good. All the pitfalls you mention were then used as an excuse to lengthen the deadline. And, of course, the persons doing the work took all the arrows. So in my mind, the problem with estimations is the ego of management.

    • Ken,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment! I think you’ll like an upcoming blog post that will link to an article that the Project Management Institute (PMI) is going to publish about some of the psychological issues related to software estimation. I look forward to your response when that one comes out (in the next month.)


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