John C. Maxwell on Leadership Success and Communication

In light of my current series of postings on the ABZ’s of Communication for PM’s and Techies, my good friend, Hollis Wagenstein, alerted me to a recent post by author and communication expert John C. Maxwell. Here is an excerpt:

Communication—A Leader’s Key to Success by John C. Maxwell

For my whole life, I have opened my car door by inserting a metal key into a physical lock. Now, I can unlock the doors and start the car at the push of a button. It seems like magic to me, but it’s actually a simple application of science.

Keyless entry and keyless ignition are made possible when a transmitter within your key fob communicates with a radio receiver inside the car. Two conditions are necessary for this communication to take place: 1) the transmitter must be set to the same frequency as the receiver, and 2) the transmitter must send a uniquely coded message which the receiver has been programmed in advance to recognize.

Communication acts as a leader’s “keyless entry” into relationships. It can open the mind of an employer, the wallet of investors, and the hearts of loved ones. Talented communicators seem magical when they weave their words together. However, much like the concept of keyless entry, great communication depends on two simple skills—context and delivery. Context attunes a leader to the same frequency as his or her audience. Delivery allows a leader to phrase messages in a language the audience can understand…

Maxwell continues to expound on how important communication is to relationships and leadership in the rest of the post. Click here to read the entire post.

To better communication and more successful projects!

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