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Quality Plus Technologies, Inc., incorporated in 1994, provides professional software measurement, project management, certified function point analysis, and software quality consulting and training. Our expertise CONSISTENTLY provides our clients with Software Process Improvement and Development Cost Savings.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies in banking, insurance, engineering, manufacturing, avionics, state and federal governments, software vendors and major outsourcers.

We have flexible arrangements to suit your needs. We are available on-site, off-site, and through remote retainer arrangements. Call us or email us today.

We work with you to build a realistic and custom software metrics programs to meet your needs. Click on any of the following links for specific information about our services in a particular area:

Software Management Consulting

Software Measurement Consulting

Function Point Consulting

Software Measurement Benchmarking and Quality Consulting

Software Measurement and Function Point Training

Consulting Resources

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