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Certified Scope Managers (CSM) Alleviate Customer Stress on Software Projects

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Can you imagine purchasing or building a new residence today without having the internet and real estate resources to assist with pricing comparisons, market research, neighborhood planning and demographics (including crime statistics, trends, etc.), arranging for an inspection, title transfer, mortgage financing, bids and closing, etc.? This is exactly the situation on many software development projects – the customer knows that they need a technology solution to business problems but often must navigate through the software development process on their own – with only the builder (software developer) to guide them through. Until now, that is! Introducing a new professional job role that we are standardizing in Europe through the European Certificates Association – the Certified Scope Manager (CSM).

In building construction/home buying, a buyer who works without the support of third parties to assist (real estate agents, general contractor, architects, etc) in negotiations and ongoing communication with the seller or builder, would be stressed out. The sheer number of activities and issues in the processes can be overwhelming, and an independent buyer becomes highly dependent on the honesty and trust relationship they personally establish with the seller or builder. In addition, buyers without a background in home sales or construction often enter the process rather innocently and find that the overall purchase or construction can be one of the most stressful events possible. Not only is a residence the largest single capital investment most people ever make, its acquisition is laden with emotion and a number of expectations of what the residents will experience (hopefully happy and stressfree) once the move is complete.

In software development there’s different players involved and also a far bigger investment at stake, yet many customers have relied for years on “fixed price” contracts that begin before requirements (when no one knows exactly what is required!) Suppliers in such instances typically “pad their estimates” to cover any eventuality because of the vagueness of the requirements in the RFP. No wonder the overall projects end up overbudget and behind schedule! What we need in software development is a real estate agent for acquirers — and the good news is that in Finland and Australia, it’s already a reality in the form of a Scope Manager!

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