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2010 - new year, new advances in software development?

As 2009 draws to a close, we’re left with an “interesting year” where budget cuts in early year gave rise to reduced program deliveries, but by midyear the customer demands for more functionality gave rise to a resurgence of development activity. 2009 saw the CHAOS report ( declare a reduction in the percentage of successful projects, the first year in memory when success rates have decreased – not a good report card for the IT industry!

There’s hope however, and scope management (often the topic of this blog) continues to amass followers and successes in Finland. Yet another government department has embraced scope management processes in their procurement and software development, bringing to almost a dozen the number of federal government departments in the Scandinavian nation for which unit pricing, measurement based progress reporting, and formal change management has become a standard.

For information about the northernSCOPE(TM) approach to scope management on software intensive projects, visit and select the English tab.

Workshops will be offered in Q1 2010 for Certified Scope Managers (CSM) including the examination by the European Certificates Association by Quality Plus Technologies (

Wishing you success in 2010! What will you do differently to make YOUR project succeed?

To your successful projects!


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