Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. - Function Points, Estimation Tools, Project Management Training and Consulting

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “system development” or technology? Unless you are a programmer or software developer, it is probably not a pleasant thought.  Technology can be intimidating – even though it makes our personal and business life easier.

Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. works with companies who want to improve their return-on-investment with technology. We are the translators who work with the business and developers to bridge the gap on software development.

How do we do this?

We work with our clients to help business users (customers) to be productive (and understand) what’s involved in software development.

We also work with software developers (suppliers) to better communicate with users through objective, business oriented measurement.

Technology can be daunting (just take a look at the acronyms on the left!) — but we make the process of defining and building software solutions easy to understand!

We are a consulting and training company dedicated to making software intensive projects successful.

We provide training and consulting services in these areas:

We are experts at working with clients who want to maximize the success of acquiring technology solutions in business.  Software is an expensive endeavor and we help you to make sure that everyone communicates, works together, and produces the right software, on time, and on-budget.

We use proven project and scope management techniques, and include measures of duration, work effort, defects, and cost to pinpoint process improvements. We work with your team to customize measures to meet YOUR company needs using goal driven measurement (ISO/IEC standards such as 15939 and Goal/Question/Metric).

Our clients span a wide variety of industries and government agencies — we work with Executives, Project Managers, QA Specialists, Estimators, Contract Specialists, and others.


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